AR-10 Extended Pivot / Takedown Pins

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The Strike Industries AR-10 Extended Pivot / Takedown Pins are the perfect addition for a new build or those who want a quicker way to field strip a rifle. Get a personalized touch and the flexibility to interchange multiple upper receivers on a single lower. Crafted from high-quality precision machined steel, these extended pins offer improved durability and increased surface area for faster separation of receivers. These extended pins lock into place securely, ensuring reliable and safe operation. The extended pivot / takedown pins are a must-have upgrade or essential component on a new build for any AR-10 owner, designed for AR-10/DPMS/LR308/SR-25 lower receivers. With these extended pivot / takedown pins, you can now easily field strip or switch out uppers with ease, enhancing your shooting experience like never before with the Strike Industries AR-10 Extended Pivot / Takedown Pins.

-AR-10, DPMS/LR308, SR-25 lower receivers
-Aero Precision M5 lower receivers have slight generation differences. Due to generation versions and tolerances, newer gen M5 lowers fit rear takedown pin slightly better than older gen M5.
-ArmaLite AR-10
-Some billet lower receivers due to no Mil-Spec standard
-Takedown Pin is not compatible with AR-15 lower receivers

DISCLAIMER: Due to the compact design of the PDW Stock and PDW Stabilizer, the SI Extended, Shift & Ultra Light Pivot / Takedown Pins, as well as other possible extended pin sets on the market, will bind or not clear the slide rods.