SI Enhanced AR-10 Lower Parts Kit (Builders Kit)

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The Strike Industries Enhanced AR-10 Lower Parts Kit (Builders Kit) is a convenient upgrade package for the AR10/LR308 and those looking for a complete Strike solution for their new long range builds.

This is called the Builders Kit as it includes all the essential parts needed to complete your build. It does not include a pistol grip or mil-spec trigger parts because we understand that builders may want to use a pistol grip or drop-in trigger of their own choice.

Check out our SI AR Grips available which are also great choices. We do include spare springs for mil-spec triggers in case you want to refresh your old trigger which is a better option than letting it collect dust in a random drawer.

With our Strike Enhanced Parts, you'll have a built-out lower receiver with better looking and higher functioning parts than an average LPK.

-AR-10, DPMS/LR308, SR-25 lower receivers
-Aero Precision M5 lower receivers have slight generation differences. Due to generation versions and tolerances, newer gen M5 lowers fit rear takedown pin slightly better than older gen M5.

-ArmaLite AR-10
-Some billet lower receivers due to no Mil-Spec standard
-AR-15: Bolt Catch, Bolt Catch Roll Pin, Pivot Pin and Takedown Pin are not compatible with AR-15 lower receivers