Strike AR-10 Enhanced Bolt Catch

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The Strike AR-10 Enhanced Bolt Catch is another piece in the SI line of high quality parts for the AR-10 market. This SI Enhanced Bolt Catch (EBC) features an extra wide bolt catch lower lever surface and grooves for added grip which helps make its operation effortless. The widened bolt catch lower lever assists in the manual locking of the bolt carrier group (BCG) to the rear. The solid construction and clean matte black finish make it a great looking replacement or an essential pick for a new build project. Looking for a great value with better functionality, add some SI style and look no further than the Strike AR-10 Enhanced Bolt Catch.

-AR-10 DPMS/LR-308 & SR-25 pattern lower receivers
-Aero Precision M5
-MEGA Maten Billet Ambi Receiver
-Some billet lower receivers due to no Mil-Spec standard
-SLR Rifleworks SLR-B30 Ambi Billet Lower Receiver

NOTE: Due to no Mil-Spec standards for the AR-10 platform, some parts will still function as intended but may have slight movement