PolyFlex Trigger Guard

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The Strike Industries PolyFlex Trigger Guard offers a one-piece construction that is a quick and tool-less installation. Be done with having to use a punch and hammer to drive in any roll pins or waste time searching to find that tiny hex key that is required for most aftermarket options. Install in literally seconds by just pushing it into place. The PolyFlex Trigger Guard includes a stubby magazine assist that protrudes to ensure faster and more accurate reloads while giving you an ergonomic finger rest made of durable and lightweight polymer. The AR trigger guard isn't a part that needs to be maintenanced or removed often but to make this an easy cost-effective choice, we recommend this be installed once based on the design needed to allow for the quick tool-less installation. Whether you are building your own or considering an upgrade, the Strike Industries PolyFlex Trigger Guard should be a staple on every AR you own.

DISCLAIMER: Side tabs are prone to wear and tear and will be unusable with constant removal and installation. We recommend one-time installation or very minimal occurrences of removal from lower receiver.