Polymer Pit Stock

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The Strike Polymer Pit Stock is the evolution of the original aluminum Pit Stock, designed for those seeking a version that is equally high-strength but lighter in weight, while still providing superior functionality. Made from a custom blended SI Polymer Extreme material, this stock is built to last and provides unparalleled strength for its weight. With its 4-position adjustability, the stock can be easily adjusted to fit any shooter's preference. The rubber anti-slip buttpad ensures a comfortable and secure shoulder hold, while the ambidextrous QD sling mounting points provide flexibility for carrying options. To further customize the fit, the included rubber pads allow for easy adjustment of desired tension on the REQUIRED Strike Industries Advanced Receiver Extension (sold separately). Whether you are a professional shooter or a recreational user, the Strike Polymer Pit Stock is an excellent choice for those looking for a minimalist and highly functional stock for their weapon.

COMPATIBILITY: Only compatible with the Strike Industries Advanced Receiver Extension (sold separately). Not compatible with any other manufacturer's buffer tube.

Note: This is considered a buttstock. Not a pistol stabilizing device

-Not recommended for use while mortaring firearm to clear malfunctions
-Before every use, always check proper function of your QD mount and any wear and tear from use
-Always have your weapon in the SAFE position when not being fired
-Always follow all firearms safety rules and never point your weapon at anything you are not willing to destroy