Strike Mag Lighter Cover for BIC® Mini

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Impress the next person who asks to borrow your lighter. The Strike Mag Lighter Cover for BIC® Mini gives you not only a carry and/or storage solution for a BIC® Mini Lighter, but also a fun novelty item for gun lovers. Modeled after the unique Strike Industries pistol magazine design, this SI lighter cover manually extends and retracts with a slide mechanism. The baseplate of the lighter cover gives you a pocket clip for those who need a lighter often or need a way to neatly organize a usefully tool. The BIC® Mini Lighter is a great tool to always have on hand (even for non-smokers) but with the mini size, the lighter can be lost or hard to find. Lighters are not only for smokers. A lighter is a great tool to have in an EveryDay Carry (EDC) kit, bag or vehicle. A lighter can be handy when you need to burn off the end of a strand of thread from clothing or rope ends. Of course if you ever need a fire for an emergency situation as well as lighting stoves or fire pits when camping, a lighter can be a better choice rather than matches which are not always water resistant. Give a gun lover a fun novelty gift or yourself an upgrade to a useful BIC® Mini Lighter with the Strike Mag Lighter Cover for BIC® Mini.


WARNING: This is only a novelty lighter cover and not to be used to imitate a real pistol magazine

-Due to tolerances, some BIC® Mini Lighter bodies will require the use of included SI decal for a tighter fitment
-**This is an add on item only. If you order this alone, you will be responsible for USPS First Class Shipping**