Strike K1 Knife

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The Strike K1 Knife is an everyday knife made for everyday use. The thumb hole in the blade makes it easy to open one-handed. Two (x2) Jimping areas on the back of the blade to provide additional grip and control for different grip styles. This ambidextrous knife features a reversible pocket clip for your preferred hand which orientates the knife at a tip-up position in your pocket. Handles made of high-strength impact resistant custom blended SI Polymer Extreme material, the handles give you enhanced geometry with anti-slip textures. The handle style offers a hand-filling grip and excellent tactile orientation, while still making sure the knife is slim and easy to carry everyday. Keeping with the theme of an Everyday Carry (EDC) knife, the Strike K1 Knife incorporates a patented bladeless tape cutter fin. Safely cut open most tape used to seal boxes without the blade. Never leave home without the Strike K1 Knife as part of your EDC kit for just about any outdoor or indoor uses.

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WARNING: Do not use any thread-locking fluid on any screws