Hydra Blade NADA Knife series

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STOP THE ABUSE! Knife abuse that is.  We prize the folding pocket knife because they offer us an amazing blend of utility, versatility, and ease of carry.  Unfortunately, this often leads us to misuse them in a pinch because often they are the most convenient, or only, tool on hand.  Traditional multitools tend to carry poorly and are ill suited for harder tasks due to bulk, complexity and poor ergonomics.  We at Strike Industries are fans of knives as well as firearms but found frustration in damaging valuable knives on mundane tasks such as box cutting (ever hit a box staple on your expensive EDC knife? Ouch!)  or wearing the fine edges out to the point where they become unsafe.   

Enter the Hydra Multiblade:  the versatility of a multitool with the ergonomics of a folding pocket knife.