Strike FSA Single Stabilizer

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This is the Strike Single Folding Stabilizing Adapter.

You may already be familiar with our Strike FSA Dual, a modular folding arm solution that can fold to the left and the right with interchangeable stock and stabilizer end pieces.

While the new Stabilizer Single Folder utilizes the same arm and stabilizer end piece as our Dual Folder, it has a new strengthened hinge made of steel instead of aluminum, making it extremely robust. The fitment is also perfect with little to no play when extended and folded. This folder only folds to a single side but can do so anytime without any reconfiguration or use of a button. 

When the hinge is installed to fold left, users will experience similar muscle memory if they've already used our Dual Folder - the action is the same to fold. Simply lift upward on the arm and fold to the left.

In its folded position, the arm can be forcefully thrown back into the extended position for quick deployment with no risk of damage to the hinge thanks to its new beefed-up design. The Stabilizer edition of our Single folder has only one QD point located at the 6 o'clock facing position for attaching your favorite sling.

The Strike Single Folding Adapter is compatible with any weapon platform with a rear-facing 1913 Picatinny rail. To attach, simply tighten the hex screw in the hinge adapter onto a pic rail. Look no further for a compact, lightweight, and reliable single folder! (On its own, the Single folder weighs 10.75oz.)

Whether it's for our SMC Bravo Chassis, a pistol caliber carbine like the CZ Scorpion, or a PDW style AR-15, the Strike Single Folder is perfect for them all. Get yours today!

Lubrication of hinge needed for routine maintenance. 

It may vary depending on if you are attaching this to an aluminum or polymer picatinny rail. 
-For the picatinny mount screw on aluminum rails do not exceed 40 in/lbs (4.5Nm)
-For the picatinny mount screw on polymer rails do not exceed 35 in/lbs (4.0Nm)