Strike Dual Folding Adapter (Stock)

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This is the Strike Dual Folding Adapter (FSA) - Stock Edition. The Strike Dual Folding Adapter is a versatile and innovative patented system that offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility. With its intuitive folding mechanism, you can fold the adapter to either the left or right side of your weapon platform. Without the need to reconfigure or reinstall any parts, the provided locking mechanism has a positive lock and ensures its ability to stay in place.

Deployment is quick and effortless with just a simple upward pull on the bar near the hinge. Its 3-degree tilt angle is designed to help prevent interference with your weapon's ejection port when folded to the right as well. This adapter fits directly onto a 1913 Picatinny interface with built-in locking lugs for secure attachment.

The included Stock end is a great ergonomic option for completing your build. Strike's Dual FSA's name comes from its ability to fold to the left and to the right - as well as its interchangeability to swap out the Stabilizer end to a Stock end, should you desire to have a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) configuration.

Use it with most 1913 Picatinny rear ends, including the Strike AR Picatinny Stock Adapter, or any factory OEM weapon with a Picatinny rail. With the Strike Dual Folding Adapter – Stock, you get the ultimate modular folding adapter that weighs under 10 ounces.

-Pressing buttons simultaneously will remove bar from hinge.
-Lubrication of hinge and button components needed for routine maintenance.

-Watch this video: How do the rubber pads work? (click link here)
-Included rubber pads in various thicknesses are for the two (x2) indentations located inside the Dual Folding Adapter side that faces the bar. Unfold and insert the desired rubber pad thickness to adjust the desired locking tension when fully deployed.