Ultralight Multi-Function End Plate and Anti-Rotation Castle Nut

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The Strike Industries Ultralight Multi-Function End Plate and Anti-Rotation Castle Nut are designed to update and upgrade the often neglected castle nut and endplate system. Now available in an ultralight 7075-T6 aluminum version that is anodized in color options to customize the look of your AR. While the traditional endplate and castle nut works extremely well in retaining your receiver extension, the peening of the castle nut is not conducive to rebuilding or upgrading. With the vast amount of aftermarket support for the AR system today, SI feels that there’s a need for a secure system as adaptive as you are. Enter the MFEP and ACN. The SI MFEP and ACN offers a built-in anti-rotation QD socket and sling loops. The MFEP is reversible to orientate sling loops to desired side. The Anti-Rotation Castle Nut (ACN) is specifically designed to work with the Multi-Function End Plate (MFEP). Instead of peening the endplate to secure the castle nut, a set screw fulfills this function to allow for multiple uses as you upgrade or update your build. Also never worry about finding a flying takedown pin detent and spring again as there is an included set screw on the MFEP for ease of installation or removal. Consider the Strike Industries Ultralight Multi-Function End Plate and Black Anti-Rotation Castle Nut for your next build or upgrade for both functionality and form of your AR-15 and/or AR-10.

COMPATIBILITY: Mil-Spec AR-15 and AR-10 ArmaLite/DPMS pattern upper receivers

Torque: Do not exceed 35 ft/lbs (47.45 nM) for the castle nut

-Anodized areas that touch between end plate and castle nut will have expected minor scratches from torqueing of castle nut
-Due to numerous factors that take place during the anodization process, the color lines from batch to batch of a certain product may vary

-Before every use, always check proper function of your QD mount and/or sling loop and any wear and tear from use
-Always have your weapon in the SAFE position when not being fired
-Always follow all firearms safety rules and never point your weapon at anything you are not willing to destroy