Angled Vertical Grip with Cable Management - Long or Short (Picatinny)

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The Strike Industries Angled Vertical Grip with Cable Management (Picatinny) is engineered like no other grip on the market. The grip angle sits on the handguard at 86 degrees. The patent pending SI Cable Management System® (CMS) function enables you to organize and store excess wire from your weapon light or any other cabled accessories. Instead of tucking wire anywhere you can and using cable ties or tape to hold it down, the SI CMS will offer you a place to route and/or contain loose wire inside the grip cavity. The cuts at the top middle of the grip allow for easier pressure switch attachment. On both the Short and Long version there has an added built-in stability feature when you place the L-shaped bottom onto a table edge/corner or as a barricade stop, giving you another way to get back on target faster downrange. The Short version is a low-profile form helps to minimize snags. The forward angle provides more of a natural wrist angle and increased rigidity of forearm. Designed with textured palm and finger areas with flat sides for positive handling and easier manipulation of the firearm. Made from durable and lightweight polymer compatible with 1913 Picatinny rails, the Strike Industries Angled Vertical Grip with Cable Management gives the shooter control while handling or firing the weapon, added stability with table/edge corner or as a barricade stop and an innovative way to ensure total cable management. No messy wires.

COMPATIBILITY: 1913 Picatinny

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