SIEGEN Rail Covers - Black (5-pack)

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The Strike Industries SIEGEN Rail Cover adds an innovative way to upgrade your favorite rail/handguard with proper weapon light/laser cable management while providing a positive tactile feeling for M-LOK compatible slots. Rail covers are a quick and affordable upgrade to mitigate any heat transfer between the barrel and the shooters hands. Made of NBR 1052 rubber, it withstands heat up to 320° F. While comfort and protection from heat and sharp edges are already important features, incorporating a cavity that runs parallel to the barrel which was intently designed to manage and protect various accessory wires was one of the main focuses of the SI SIEGEN Rail Cover. Take the existing rail covers SI already offers and introduce additional functionality. No wires to cover yet? Don't worry, the SIEGEN rail cover includes cavity inserts which act as a robust placeholder for when you are ready for cables to manage. Need to modify your setup for a certain situation? Easily move these rail cover as you are not limited to a set position or configuration. Push them into the M-LOK slots and you are ready to go in seconds. It's that easy. Get organized with the Strike Industries SIEGEN Rail Cover and ditch the cable ties or electrical tape.


NOTE: SIEGEN Cover will stay in M-LOK slot without wire cavity insert, but will most likely fall out during shooting/weapon manipulation.