SMC Alpha Comp

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COMPATIBILITY: Only with the Standard length Strike Modular Chassis (SMC) - ALPHA setup using a SIG SAUER P320 3.9” slide/barrel

The Comp for Strike Modular Chassis - Alpha is a seamless design direct mount to chassis compensator in two length options, small and large. Required for SMC setup using a SIG SAUER P320 3.9” slide/barrel. No threaded barrel needed which eliminates the need to buy an additional barrel if you do not have it and keeps your setup 50 state legal. The widened bore is designed to reduce baffle strikes and keyholing rounds. No permanent modification of your weapon required which makes it an easy installation. Only one (x1) thumbscrew is required to install or remove the SMC Compensator. Made from S45C steel with Quench Polish Quench (QPQ) process finish. Quickly and simply mitigate felt recoil and reduce muzzle rise with the Comp for Strike Modular Chassis (SMC).

-With SIG SAUER P320 4.7” (or 3.6") slide/barrel on Standard length SMC ALPHA chassis
-With any SIG SAUER P320 threaded barrels