PolyFlex Dust Cover for .223/5.56

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The Strike Industries PolyFlex Dust Cover for .223/5.56 offers a simple, quick and tool-less installation with its one-piece construction. Install in literally seconds by just pushing it into place. With our patent pending "True Seal" design, the internal lip seals the port tighter than traditional dust covers. Unlike stamped steel dust covers, this PolyFelx DC is made of durable and lightweight polymer which makes it resistant to rust. If the time ever comes, knowing you can remove and quickly reinstall makes this an easy cost-effective choice. Consider the Strike Industries PolyFlex Dust Cover for .223/5.56 for a new build or when you are going to untorque the barrel nut as this is the easiest time to remove your old stamped steel dust cover to upgrade.

-AR-15 Mil-Spec upper receivers
-Most billet AR-15 upper receivers
-Aero Precision M4E1
-VLTOR MUR: Modular Upper Receiver
-ZRO Delta
-Lantac Enhanced BCG due to carrier and bolt design
-Bootleg Four Position Adjustable Carrier