Strike Optic Cover for Trijicon SRO®

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The Strike Optic Cover for Trijicon SRO® is a sophisticated and resilient accessory designed to enhance your firearm's functionality and durability. Crafted from robust TPU and polycarbonate, it offers superior protection for your optic from bullet casings and potential scratches, while ensuring safeguarding against wear and tear.

The intuitive back cut is meticulously designed to be compatible with most rear iron sights on the market. Even under heavy recoil, the firm fit of the cover is undisturbed. The cover also promotes quick installation and removal as needed, making it highly user-friendly. Easy access to control buttons adds to the overall operational convenience.

Take your training on the range to the next level with the integrated lens cover designed to enhance your use of a red dot sight, enabling users to practice Occluded Dot Training. Occluded shooting is a very helpful exercise to help those who may have been taught to shoot with only one eye open to use both instead. This technique (often used by competition shooters) acclimates one's vision when using pistol optics by forcing the non-dominant eye to see your target while the dominant eye sees the dot when the lens is covered. Your brain will merge these two images and provide a clear picture, allowing for faster target acquistion and engagement.

If you're new to pistol red dots, and want to become proficient with them fast, this product will be immensely helpful to you. The Strike Optic Cover perfectly blends protection and performance, making it an indispensable addition to your firearm.

COMPATIBILITY: Trijicon SRO® (all models)

-Optic cover rear sight cut may not clear all rear iron sights and modification to cover maybe required to fit.
-Lens cover is held in place under optic cover. Please remove optic cover to install or remove lens cover.