Strike Micro Threaded Comp - QUAD

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The QUAD is a pistol compensator from the Strike Micro Threaded Comp (SMTC) line that can work with just about any size slide using a threaded barrel with 1/2"x28 Threads Per Inch (TPI). The wide front wall baffling redirects gas to mitigate felt recoil and reduce muzzle rise. SI internal testing has typically seen a reduction average range (dependent on application) of 15-30% in felt recoil. This QUAD version in the SMTC line has a built-in anti-rotation system using the front tip of the pistol guide rod for most applications other than pistols with a flush guide/recoil rod system. With the clamp style design on the SMTC QUAD, timing the comp is simple including a secure and tight fitment. Originally designed for smaller compact, sub-compact and micro sized pistols, the SI styling of this QUAD pairs aesthetically well with most OEM and aftermarket slides on the market including full size pistols. Made from S45C steel with HRC40-45 heat treatment and a black oxide finish, the Strike Micro Threaded Comp – QUAD offers a smaller threaded barrel compensator option for your pistol with SI style.

-With any 1/2”x28 TPI threaded barrel
-Calibers: 9mm and .357 SIG
NOT COMPATIBLE: Built-in anti-rotation system may not work with pistols using flush guide/recoil rod systems

WARNING: Due to the reduction of slide energy, recoil spring tuning will be required when using this compensator

Torque: Set screw to exactly 40 in/lbs (4.5 Nm)

NOTE: Recommended to re-apply Loctite® Threadlocker Blue 243® anytime set screw is removed before reinstalling

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