G.U.M. Universal (Optics) Mount for GLOCK™ Version 2

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The Strike Industries G.U.M. Universal (Optics) Mount for GLOCK™ V2 is now available! This mount has been updated to allow additional compatibility with even more red dots on the market. Its minimal super low-profile design offers a sleek appearance with our patented SI Multi-Optic Mount pattern which accommodates most Mini/Micro Red Dot Sights (MRDS).

Included mounting posts and screws provide versatility for a variety of red dot sights, while the mount's solid S45C steel construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance for holding zero. Additionally, this mount boasts the lowest height-over-bore mount in the industry, allowing for optimal accuracy and precision.

How does it work?
The G.U.M. V2 attaches via the rear dovetail on any Glock™ or aftermarket slide made for Glocks. There are a total of eight set screws that come pre-installed in the mounting plate. Two set screws are for the rear dovetail. In conjunction with the two set screws, you use the remaining set screws throughout the plate to balance it on your slide prior to installing your desired optic. NOTE: Do not use a rear sight pusher to install the G.U.M., we recommend using a nylon gunsmithing hammer to gently tap it into place. Please watch our installation video below.

Why consider this universal optic mount?
Our Glock Universal Mount provides an affordable investment as a mounting solution for users who haven't yet purchased an optics ready slide or aren't planning on getting their slide milled for an optic cut just yet. By opting for the G.U.M V2, users can test more optics without committing to any single footprint (milling your slide for an optics cut also voids the OEM warranty). Start shooting with optics today, what are you waiting for?