All In One Tool for GLOCK™

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The Strike Industries All-in-One Tool for GLOCK™ features all appropriate sizes of pin punches, sight removal tool and base plate removal key in one compact unit. What makes us stand above the rest is our base plate opener function; users no longer need a complicated tool to open their magazine base pate; this tool will allow you to open the base plate in T-3 seconds. This tool features a compact design creating ease of storage while it's all steel construction will stand up to any abuse derived from wear and tear or just being tossed into a range bag. Light, efficient, and convenient; it compliments any serious GLOCK™ owner.

COMPATIBILITY: Guaranteed only with OEM GLOCK™ GEN3-4 magazine
-OEM GLOCK™ GEN5 magazine
-With some non-OEM GLOCK™ aftermarket magazines/base plates