Slide Adapter Plate for GLOCK™ GEN3 Slide to GEN4/5 Frame

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The Strike Industries Slide Adapter Plate (G-SAP™) allows you to use a GEN3 slide on a GEN4/GEN5 frame. Naturally, a GLOCK™ factory or aftermarket GEN3 slide will fit and function on a GEN4/GEN5 frame, but there are a couple issues to address.

First is the ugly gap between the slide and frame. The second is the potential flex in the frame that gap may cause. Install the G-SAP™ in seconds and prevent any movement of the GEN3 recoil spring assembly from potentially damaging your GLOCK™ GEN4/GEN5 frame.

Due to the an abundance in aftermarket GEN3 slide options, Strike Industries wants to make sure you are not restricted by fitment and have your choice to fully customize your pistol. Providing cost-effective solutions with sleek SI designs is what we do. The Strike Industries Slide Adapter Plate won't hold you back on form or function.