Strike Barrel for Glock 43

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Are you ready to level up with your daily carry? The Strike Industries 9mm barrel for the G43 and G43x pistol provides a union between match grade performance and that Strike styling flare. With our spiral fluting, shooters get a reduction in weight while increasing cooling — without sacrificing accuracy or durability. To that end, the feed ramp has also been polished for reliable loading and ejections.

At the front of the barrel you'll find a crowned tip which will elevate your EDC aesthetics and protect barrel rifling. Using pre-hardened 416R premium grade stainless steel material and precision machining tolerances of exacting details, the barrel is corrosion resistant with its black nitride finish. The SI G43 Barrel is a quick and simple direct drop-in installation. To complete the ensemble, pick up our Strike LITE Slide for Glocks. 


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