Strike Aluminum Dummy Round for SIG 277 Fury

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This is the Strike Aluminum Dummy Round for the .277 Fury Caliber. Designed with the SIG SAUER XM7 Rifle in mind (US Army Variant of the MCX Spear), we had this product tested and evaluated by SIG and they've confirmed this dummy round's compatibility with the XM7 along with the SIG Cross (Bolt Action) rifle as well.

The SI Aluminum Dummy round is a precision machined billet aluminum dummy round that serves as a vital part of your training kit. Anodized in a bright blue to prevent confusion with live rounds, it serves as a realistic, but safe way to practice dry fire. It can also assist you in training to clear malfunctions.

Its flexible polymer “primer” serves to protect your firing pin during high iterations of dry fire practice and replicates the feeding and extraction characteristics of live rounds. Due to numerous factors that take place during the anodization process, please note that the color lines from batch to batch of a certain product may slightly vary.

-Will work for the military's Sig M7 Rifle
-Will also work for civilian Sig MCX Spear
-Will also work for Sig Cross chambered in .277