Colby Belt

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The Strike Industries Colby Duty Belt is designed to be a comfortable, effective solution for patriots that wear their gear for extended periods of time. One of the main customizable features of the Colby Duty Belt rig is the ability to symmetrically adjust the length on both sides without having the loopback areas sit where the kidneys are, move. This is important because the majority of the weight distribution should sit on your hips for better ergonomics. Properly fitting gear should never be compromised. There are also 8 Velcro straps that allow the user a level of modularity and retention based on their desired loadout. There are 1” pad gaps for all your MOLLEE accessories. Whether you are sitting in you patrol car for hours on end or you're practicing shooting while moving drills, the Strike Industries Colby Duty Belt is an extremely viable means of customizing ones kit as dictated by necessity.