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NOTIFICATION: SI is currently redesigning the SI OPPRESSOR LITE. We apologize as we do not have an ETA at this time.

The Strike Industries OPPRESSOR LITE is the little brother to the original SI OPPRESSOR which also aids in redirecting blast and sound. Unlike most other blast shields on the market, the OPPRESSOR family is designed with computer aided flow dynamics to maintain the recoil reduction of SI muzzle devices. The LITE version is designed to be more lightweight than big brother, 3 full ounces lighter. Not only does LITE refer to the reduced weight, the design of the attachment mechanism has been made to be easier and quicker to install when removing without the ratcheting system like big brother. Using the SI patent pending Strike Rapid Engage Mount (SREM) system found on majority of SI muzzle devices and other SI SREM compatible devices, you can easily transfer the OPPRESSOR LITE to the weapon you are currently shooting as long as it has the compatible business end. If you are going for that tucked look, any current SI rail/handguard inner diameter is designed to work with a suppressor up to 1.57” (39.9mm) so you got the green light for the OPPRESSOR LITE as well as any handguard made to clear majority of suppressors on the market. The OPPRESSOR LITE is made of a steel core with a 6061-T6 aluminum body and is anodized in SI black, red, blue and FDE colors. The OPPRESSOR family is multi-caliber compatible with .223/5.56, .308/7.62 and 9mm calibers. The OPPRESSOR LITE is a no compromise solution for redirecting the gas pressure produced by aggressive brakes and compensators. Advanced internal geometry actively draws the gasses out and thrusts the gasses forward through vents to accomplish linear braking in order to retain more efficiency. The OPPRESSOR LITE can be rapidly installed before transitioning to prone shooting positions, indoor use or to not scare the poop out of the person next to you in a training class setting or on the firing line.

COMPATIBILITY: (Only with SI muzzle and SI SREM compatible devices)
-SI: Checkmate Comp, Cloak Flash Hider, JCOMP, King Comp, Mini King Comp, Triple Crown, Venom Flash Hider and Sierra Comp
-Ferfrans: CQB Modular Muzzle Brake System
-Desert Tech: Ratchet compensator, Micro Dynamic Riffle (MDR) w/ Ratchet compensator
-SI: Cookie Cutter Comp, Miller Comp, Sail Comp, WarHog Comp

WARNING: Ensure proper clearance from all parts of weapon when attaching and removing OPPRESSOR from muzzle device

-Aluminum material will wear out faster than steel
-Due to numerous factors that take place during the anodization process, the color lines from batch to batch of a certain product may vary