MLOK LINK Angled HandStop with Cable Management System®

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The Strike Industries LINK Angled HandStop with Cable Management System® is a rearward angle setup for pull style grip options for better weapon manipulation control. This rail attachment assists in pulling the weapon into the shooters shoulder which aids in additional control and mitigating recoil. Textured front and rear finger areas for better grasp plus built-in front and rear barricade stop.

The patented SI LINK system allows mounting onto both M-LOK and KeyMod compatible devices for a bigger variety of applications. Also included is the patent pending SI Cable Management System® (CMS) function which enables you to organize and store excess wire from your weapon light or any other cabled accessories.

Cables can be routed alongside the handguard, across to the other side, 90-degrees, U-shape or Z-shape. Lightweight high-strength impact resistant custom blended SI Polymer Extreme material with a size and design to fit a wide variety of hands, the SI LINK Angled HandStop with Cable Management System® is an excellent way to increase shootability of your weapon.


Torque: Do not exceed 20 in/lbs (2.26 nM) for the LINK screws