RSVP - Disposable Protective Masks (Ear Loop) 50pcs/pack

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-Limit 3 packs per order
-Disposable Protective Masks are final sale. No refund or exchanges.

Strike Industries wants to offer available Disposable Protective Masks to the community at cost for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). NO PRICE GOUGING! We are currently offering over the ear loop fitment Disposable Protective Masks that come 50 pieces per pack. These Disposable Protective Masks are FDA and CE. They are 3-layer non-woven Disposable Protective Masks. With the moisture resistant outer layer (blue side), help keep out droplets and various other airborne contaminants as well keeping as much of your own fluids (white side) to yourself. Please watch our informational video below for additional information about Disposable Protective Masks, mask sleeves and etc.

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Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have.