Ricci Holster Adapter

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New for 2016, the Ricci Holster Adapter offers users an aluminum belt hanger for Safariland® 6xxx series holsters. The metal platform allows 2.75" of drop adjustment, as well as up to 45° of forward cant, and is (laterally) rigid enough to keep your holster and weapon exactly where you need them. It has been designed for comfort especially for officers who are in and out of their vehicle. To that end, the Ricci Holster Adapter affords the user the ability to adjust its cant while seated, allowing increased comfort and reach while in a vehicle. 

Package Includes:
- 1x Swivel Houseing Unit
- 1x Holster Mounting Bracket
- 1x Adjustable Drop Unit
- 1x Bladetech TEK-LOK quick detachable utility belt clip

- Adjustable for cant while seated in vehicle or patrol car.
- All aluminum construction is rigid, durable, and light weight.
- Wide adjustment range for drop and up to a 45 degree cant.
- Fits any Safariland® holster or accessory that uses their 3-hole mounting system.