Ricci Holster Adapter

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The Ricci Holster Adapter is a durable and versatile accessory for Safariland® 6000 & 7000 series holsters. The aluminum belt hanger provides 2.75" of drop adjustment and up to 45° of forward cant, ensuring that your holster and weapon are always secure and accessible. Designed with comfort in mind, the Ricci Holster Adapter allows you to adjust the cant while seated, making it ideal for law enforcement officers who frequently enter and exit vehicles. Whether you need quick access to your weapon or a more comfortable carrying experience, the Ricci Holster Adapter is the solution you've been looking for.

NOTE: Safariland® and Blade-Tech Tek-Lok shown are not included and sold separately

Package Contents:
- 1x Swivel Housing Unit
- 1x Holster Mounting Bracket
- 1x Adjustable Drop Unit
- Hardware

Product Features:
- Adjustable for cant while seated in vehicle or patrol car
- All aluminum construction is rigid, durable and lightweight
- Wide adjustment range for drop and up to a 45 degree cant
- Fits any Safariland® holster or accessory that uses their 3-hole mounting system