AUG Thread Adapter

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The Strike Industries Thread Converter for AUG pattern muzzle threads allows one to use more commonly available 1/2x28 muzzle devices.  The thread adapter also has the added benefit of bringing the overall length of the firearm to 30” with A2 length flash hiders for restricted OAL states. This allows one to have a more cosmetic and functional barrel extension in those cases for greater customizability, better aesthetics and more choices than currently available extended muzzle devices intended to meet the OAL requirements in certain states.

Package includes:
- 1x AUG Thread Converter

- Extension matches the contour for factory AUG barrels for a more seamless look
- Allows for installation of more popular 1/2x28 RH thread pitched muzzle devices
- Compatible with 5.56/.223 flash hiders and muzzle brakes for AR15s