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Strike Dual Folding Adapter - Cheek Riser
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The Strike Dual Folding Adapter – Cheek Riser is a drop-in direct mount optional cheek rest for the Strike Dual Folding Adapter bar. This gives you the ability to add an adjustable cheek rest for added comfort and accuracy with consistent cheek placement. This adjustable Cheek Riser gives you five (x5) position choices to pick the best use for each individual user; heights above top of bar: 10.25mm(0.40”) [low flat], 16.55mm(0.65”) [mid], 23.55mm(0.53”) [high flat], 20.46mm(0.81”) [low angled], 27.50mm(1.08”) [high angled]. Quickly swap heights with the triblade thumb screw designed for easy installation and removal without tools. Give yourself a good cheek weld and anchor point with the Strike Dual Folding Adapter – Cheek Riser for critical accuracy and consistency.

COMPATIBILITY: Only with Strike Dual Folding Adapter

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-Cheek Riser was designed and intended for use with a rifle setup or registered Short-Barrel Rifle (SBR) setup