AR Ultimate Dust Cover for .223/5.56 - Texas Edition v1

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Show your state pride. Now available in a Texas Edition. The Strike Industries AR Ultimate Dust Cover for .223/5.56 - Texas Edition v1 is the Patent Pending SI Ultimate Dust Cover (UDC) that is one of the easiest to install, best sealing, lightest and quietest port door cover available. The SI UDC is the first-to-market quick disconnect ejection port cover featuring an internal lip which provides a better seal against the elements (True Seal technology). The SI UDC is constructed out of a high density SI Polymer Extreme material making it more durable and functional than the traditional dust covers. The unique internal detent rod design enables users to attach and detach the cover in 5 to 10 seconds with ease. Features an adjustable detent set screw in order to compensate wear on the receiver and increase or decrease opening power. DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!

NOTE: SI strongly recommends applying blue Loctite threadlocker to the ball-detent thread after being adjusted

-AR-15 Mil-Spec upper receivers
-Most billet AR-15 upper receivers
-Aero Precision M4E1
-VLTOR MUR: Modular Upper Receiver
-ZRO Delta
-Lantac Enhanced BCG due to carrier and bolt design
-Bootleg Four Position Adjustable Carrier