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The Strike Industries NIJ Level IIIA Stand Alone Plates exceeds Level IIIA specifications and withstands all resistance testing required for NIJ standard 0101.06 body armor certification and in addition exceeds NIJ STAB-III requirements for edged weapon and spike penetration resistance.  The laminated construction also resists blunt trauma from clubs or thrown objects by spreading the force imparted to a larger surface. 


The STRIKE PLATE was designed by ArmorDevelopmentGroup. com for Strike Industries LLC as an improvement in protection from blunt force trauma experienced by soft body armor users.  It is intended to protect the wearer from multiple threats which may be encountered by legal users of body armor in defensive situations, including;  All SAAMI standard handgun and shotgun ammunition, knives, spikes and impact weapons.  The STRIKE PLATE is not intended for use against center fire rifles or carbines, which are rarely encountered by homeowners in use by violent criminal intruders in any case.

STRIKE PLATES are intended for use in the Strike Industries LLC plate carrier system, which may also be equipped with holsters and/or pouches for ammunition, cellular or cordless telephones, restraints or other essentials for “first response” use.  In contrast to soft body armor, the STRIKE PLATE is not designed to be worn concealed which makes the possession and legitimate civilian use in any US jurisdiction legal as they are particularly unsuitable for criminal misuse.  The STRIKE PLATE typically reduces the damage to the user experienced by bullet impact (referred to as “backface trauma”) to HALF or less than that experienced by soft armor users at the maximum .44 Remington Magnum 240 grain JHP threat fired from long barreled revolvers…and to insignificant levels when impacted by lesser rounds.  STRIKE PLATES are also unable to be penetrated by edged or pointed weapons which pass easily through soft body armor to kill or wound dozens of law enforcement professionals every year.

Although no National Institute of Justice standards currently exist for NIJ Level III-A hard armor, STRIKE PLATES as the first example of this class have been tested to NIJ Level III-A/06 requirements, far in excess of NIJ requirements and to destruction using overmatch ammunition.  In addition, equivalent tests to NIJ STAB III protective levels against edged and pointed weapons have been conducted, against levels far in excess of those required without penetration and to blunting, dulling or destruction of the pointed or bladed implement through contact with the materials.  

STRIKE PLATES are flat to reduce the tendency of blades and points to skid off the surface of hard armor inserts to penetrate nearby unprotected areas, to prevent ricochets and to impart greater strength than offered by curved elements.  The material is also formed without inducing structural stresses that could lead to later failures in actual use;  si modifications of any kind are therefore prohibited under the warranty terms.
Lighter than steel, stronger than armor fabrics, tougher and more impact resistant than ceramics…the STRIKE PLATE Carrier System makes the perfect companion to your flashlight and defensive firearm.


      • 10” x 13” x .55” (14mm thick)
      • Oversized with 20% more coverage than average
      • Weighs 5lbs
      • NIJ Level IIIA certified
      • Multi-hit capability


    Large Stand Alone Plate  
      • 9” x 12” x .55” (14mm thick)
      • Weighs 4lbs, 6oz
      • NIJ Level IIIA certified
      • Multi-hit capability


    Small Stand Alone Plate


STRIKE PLATES are made of bullet resistant laminate covered with a tough plastic protective coating which resists most chemicals and cleaning solvents.  The coating protects the user from armor fibers which may cause irritation or injury if exposed and which protects the armor panel from UV rays that might otherwise deteriorate the laminate epoxy.  Removal of the coating or use when the armor is exposed is not recommended and will void the warranty.  Take care not to allow the armor to be dropped on hard surfaces as delamination of the plate material is possible under certain circumstances.
The plates may be cleaned, if necessary, with ordinary soap and water or mild chemicals such as Windex or Formula 409.  Instructions for care and maintenance of the 


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