Strike Industries has teamed up with a bunch of great companies to bring you an huge giveaway this week along with Kill Flash Photography, Iconic Industries, GunMag Warehouse, Rifle Supply Cerakote, Tactical Kinetics, Pamax Tactical.

Please see the giveaway module below but in order to qualify for a chance to win, you must and have to follow all the companies Instagram accounts below and also sign up for the Strike Industries newsletter in the giveaway module below.
Please follow all Instagram accounts below: (each is a link that will take you directly to the IG account to follow)

Strike Industries does have the a copy of the giveaway module on this website page and has participated with giving products for this giveaway but Strike Industries is not the host for this giveaway. The host of this giveaway is @kill_flash_photography so please contact for any questions or concerns and @kill_flash_photography will be the one picking the qualified random winner, announcing the winner, contacting the winner as well as arranging the winner to receive the items shown and listed below. Strike Industries and all other listed companies are just participants in this giveaway but not hosts or facilitators.

The KFP Build Your Own PCC Giveaway


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