MP7 Backup Sight Top Rail

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Strike Industries has developed the ultimate new Top Rail for the MP7 featuring integrated front and rear flip-up sights ; as requested of the elite professional community. The SI MP7 Top Rail gives operators added capability for mounting weapon accessories at the 12 o’clock position while providing an unobstructed view when utilizing a micro dot. The ultra low profile integrated flip-up front and rear sights are constructed of steel while the rail itself is 6061aluminum making it durable and light weight. Even with the added features, the SI MP7 Top Rail reduces weight and adds innovative functionality!

Package include
1x MP7 Top Rail w/ Integrated Flip-up Sights

- Adjustable windage (left right) and elevation (up and down)
- Integrated ultra low profile flip-up front and rear sights
- Light weight and durable 6061 aluminum construction