Special Bullet Proof Packages

AEGIS II Body Armor W/ 1 or 2 Plate

AEGIS-II features an external adjustable cummerbund as well as adjustable shoulder straps for a comfortable fit. The shoulder straps have quick release buckles.

Bullet Proof Vest w/ Jtech Gear CP-6

The CP-6 Combat Chest Rig is a H-harness vest that features in-vest magazine pouches as well as two large multi-purpose pouches on either side of the vest. These multi-purpose pouches can also be utilized as a magazine recovery pouches.

Bullet Proof Backpack w/ Jtech Gear Medical I

The Modular Medical Backpack-I is a load bearing pack that features MOLLE on the backpack face to attach any miscellaneous pocuhes the user desires. Another feature is the availability of velcro for attaching identification patches as well as other moral patches. The Modular Medical Backpack-I can also be combined with the the J-Tech Compression Ruck Sack or the backpack frame.

Bullet Proof Backpack w/ Jtech Gear Jaunty-29

Starting at: $75.00

The Jaunty-29 Notebook Carry bag is a medium sized bag, typical uses include the transportation of notebooks between 12" to 14" in size, documents, or books.

Bullet Proof Backpack w/ Strike Industries Simple Plate Carrier

Starting at: $135.00

The idea behind The SI SPC is simple. We wanted to create an easy and cost effective way to know safety and security can be with you anywhere, anytime. The SI Simple Plate Carrier was designed to allow the user with a basic, yet multifunctional form of protection.