S.I. Plate

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The Strike Industries NIJ Level IIIA Stand Alone Plates exceeds Level IIIA specifications and withstands all resistance testing required for NIJ standard 0101.06 body armor certification and in addition exceeds NIJ STAB-III requirements for edged weapon and spike penetration resistance.  The laminated construction also resists blunt trauma from clubs or thrown objects by spreading the force imparted to a larger surface. 

C.O.R.E Plate Carrier (Clandestine Operations Rescue Extraction)

Our plate carrier offers protection where you need it without the weight or bulk of others on the market. The C.O.R.E Clandestine Operations Rescue Extraction Plate Carrier is a project that took over a year and a half to perfect and was designed by US Counter Terror Operators. The design was built for superior protection, mobility and performance.