Combat Beard Patch

The STRIKE INDUSTRIES COMBAT BEARD PATCH is one of the manliest patches around! Show great pride in your face fur with this patch or if you can't grow one, carry around the patch with the beard you wish you could grow: THE EPIC COMBAT BEARD PATCH!

SI Logo Glow Patch

Strike Industries sheds new light on the world of tactical patches. The SI Glow Patch enables the operator to identify equipment in nocturnal environments. Strontium aluminate impregnated thermoplastic elastomer construction is quickly charged by ambient or artificial light to provide hours of positive ID capability.

Strike Industries Cobra Patch

Starting at: $5.95

Here you go, patch junkies. Show off that SI Pride with new SI Cobra patches. Slap it on that empty bit of hook and loop you don't know what to do with. Available in Red, Black, and FDE.